Electric Water Pump Buyer's Guide: 3 Types

Electric Water Pump Buyer's Guide: 3 Types

How to Pick the Perfect Electric Water Pump

By  | Water Pump Product Expert

Electric water pumps are extremely versatile. Whether you're drying-out a flooded basement, watering your lawn with sprinklers, or filling a pool, electric water pumps can get the job done.


The task at hand will determine which of the 3 types of electric water pumps you'll need.



Submersible Water Pumps

Submersible Water Pump

Submersible pumps are meant to be submerged in the water you need to move. These are built with homeowners in mind, and if you don't have a traditional discharge hose, attach an adapter and use a garden hose. Submersible pumps are used to remove standing water, empty clogged sinks or drain window wells and other problem areas.


These come in two types - utility and trash pumps. If you're just moving water, go with a utility pump. However, if the water contains debris, sand or solids, go with a trash pump instead. If you need to move a lot of water quickly, a gas-powered model might be a better bet.



Well Pumps

Well Pump

Well pumps are used to deliver water from an underground source to your home. They also boost water pressure so you have a consistent water supply, especially important for showers. There are 3 types of well pumps: shallow well, deep well and convertible well pumps.


Essentially, the depth of your well will determine which type of pump you'll need. Shallow well pumps work from 0-25', convertible pumps work for depth as much as 90' and deep well pumps are effective to as much as 300' below ground.




Specialty Water Pumps

Pool Cover Pump

These pumps come in many different shapes, sizes and capabilities, generally with one specialized purpose. Sprinkler pumps are used to pump water from lakes, ponds, etc. to lawn sprinklers for irrigation.


Pool cover pumps are used to remove standing water and prevent damage to expensive pool covers. Drill pumps are used in conjunction with a drill to unclog sinks, drains or washing machines. Condensate pumps are used to remove condensation from air conditioning units.