2016 Best Water Pumps Published By Water Pumps Direct

2016 Best Water Pumps Published By Water Pumps Direct

Shoppers Rate the Best Water Pumps of 2016

BOLINGBROOK, IL (November 29, 2016) - Water Pumps Direct has utilized their real-time rankings to help shoppers find the top water pumps of 2016.

The water pump retailer and reviews site currently lists 430 water pump models and publishes over 1,800 reviews from real shoppers.

An accurate letter grade is generated for every individual water pump, enabling Water Pumps Direct to provide shoppers with the most valuable and comprehensive 2016 water pump lists anywhere.

“So many of the Top-Ten or Best-Selling lists online feature pumps selected by affiliate site owners who are seeking commissions for their recommendations, which makes them unreliable,” said Jim Owiecki, pump expert at WaterPumpsDirect.com. “Even the 'top-rated' lists you see in magazines may feature models that are outdated or discontinued by the time the publication hits the shelf.”

According to Owiecki, Water Pumps Directs lists are the most accurate source for 2016 pump rankings for three specific reasons:

1. Three Lists in One
The term "best” tends to mean different things to different people. For this reason, WaterPumpsDirect.com chooses to publish lists that can be sorted three ways. Shoppers can sort by best selling water pumps, top-rated water pumps, or expert recommended water pumps. Additionally, those results can be filtered to narrow the selection down much further.

WaterPumpsDirect.com then took it another step further and created separate lists for each of the 8 styles of water pumps, ranging from small electric utility pumps to industrial PTO pumps.

2. Real-Time
Nearly all 'best-selling' lists you see elsewhere are updated only once each year, eventually spotlighting pumps that are discontinued and no longer the best option. Water Pumps Direct, however, updates their lists in real-time, highlighting what’s hot and popular at any given moment.

“Better yet, real water pump users can influence the rankings at any time. If they don’t agree with the letter grade, they can just submit their own review, and the ranking is immediately altered,” said Owiecki, who works directly with leading manufacturers and personally assists actual customers.

3. Free
Water Pumps Direct doesn't require visitors to sign-up or subscribe. Instead, they just want shoppers to be well informed, so they provide them with free information to help them pick the perfect pump.

"We love to educate shoppers about water pumps, so we intend to provide the most current and unbiased information possible at absolutely no cost so everyone shopping for water pumps can find exactly what they need." said Owiecki.

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